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    Project area

    1750 Hectares from Akeake Reserve/Opito Bay in the eaast to Rangitane Stream in the west

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    Trap network

    1700+ traps and bait stations

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    Trap your property

    Live on the peninsula and like to start trapping? We can calculate what you'll need and provide traps and training at no charge.


    Meet like-minded conservation folk, trapping, planting and weeding projects ongoing

    At night, let's all drive slowly

    Four kiwi have been killed by cars on our 10km stretch of peninsula roading in 2022. Taking a few minutes more to reach our destination may save a kiwi's life.
    Deaths: 2021 - 4 | 2020 - 5 | 2019 - 7 | 2018 - 6

    Kiwi avoidance training for dogs

    Annual avoidance training for peninsula dogs

    5 minute
    5 minute bird counts

    Results from counts over the past five years, bird numbers are increasing...

    kiwi call count
    Kiwi call counts

    Results from kiwi listening from sites around the peninsula

    feed them
    Feed them and they'll come

    NRC's fantastic booklet on which trees to plant to feed the birds...

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    Report an uncommon native bird sighting

    Report an uncommon bird sighting on the peninsula

    We want to record any sightings of birds not commonly seen on the peninsula. If you see any uncommon ones, please let us know! Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Date SpeciesSymbolNotes
    July 2020 Tomtit tomtit 15 Pukewhau Rd, Opito Bay
    June 2020 Kaka kaka Akeake Resereve
    March 2020 Tomtit tomtit 407 Doves Bay Rd, Opito Bay
    March 2020 Kaka kaka Yacht Drive
    September 2019 Tomtit tomtit 15 Pukewhau Rd, Opito Bay
    July 2019 Tomtit tomtit 5 Bush Point Rd, Doves Bay
    July 2019 Tomtit (Pair) tomtit Bush Point Rd, Doves Bay
    May 2019 Tomtit tomtit Rangitane Reserve
    July 2018 Royal Spoonbill rs Rangitane Reserve wading
     July 2018 Kaka kaka Doves Bay Reserve in a gum tree
     June 2018 Kaka kaka 17 Pukewhau Rd, Opito Bay
     June 2018 Kaka kaka 15 Pukewhau Rd, Opito Bay
    2018 Kaka kaka 97 Doves Bay Rd
     2018 Tomtit tomtit 10 Anchorage Heights
     2018 Tomtit tomtit Akeake Reserve