Guidelines for dog owners living in a kiwi zone


  • kiwi dogs

    Know what our dogs are doing at all times.
  • Never let our dogs roam uncontrolled.
  • Fence an area off on our properties for our dogs that they can't get out of and kiwi can't get into.
  • Use a short non-retractible lead when walking our dogs. Recently in Opito Bay a kiwi was killed on the roadside by a dog being walked on a retractible lead.
  • When out and about on the peninsula, keep our dogs on a lead at all times—a kiwi can be caught and killed in seconds. They can shelter in rather obvious places at times. (Under upturned dinghies in Opito Bay is an example.)
  • Take special care at night if you haven't got a fenced area. Accompany your dog on a lead if they need to go outside.
  • Have our dogs avoidance trained regularly, remembering its no guarantee. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the dates of the next avoidance training session.
  • If you lose your dog, or see a roaming dog on the peninsula:
    Call the FNDC Dog Control Officer on 24-hour Freephone 0800 920 029 or (09) 401 5200.
    Post a photo and or description and location on Northland Grapevine and Dogwatch Facebook pages
    Call us 027 243 1777 we have volunteers that may also be able to assist.
  • Our dogs are not allowed in Akeake Scenic Reserve or Rangitane Scenic Reserve.
  • Make sure we are familiar with the Dog Management Bylaw 2018 and the Dog Managment Policy 2018