Community pest control agreement signed with NRC

    On the 31st October we signed a Community Pest Control Agreement (CPCA) with the Northland Regional Council. This means over the next five years they'll supply us with a heap of good pest control gear - bless them. First year, 200 snap traps in tunnels, 50 possum traps and 80 stoat traps.

    What flavour rat did you catch?

    If possible, it would be helpful when reporting a catch to identify which species of rat you've caught. This graphic will show you easy ways to tell the difference between the ship rat and the norway rat.

    A stoat from Akeake Reserve?

    Deb and I found an old abandoned stoat trap in Akeake Reserve out toward the lookout. It had this critter in it. Hard to tell exactly what type of mustelid it is - stoat or maybe a smaller weasel. A good set of choppers though.

    If a stoat, as DoC says "They kill more than 50% of all kiwi chicks in areas where they aren't controlled"

     We have 13 stoat traps around Opito, but none in the Reserve. Not far away for our Community Pest Control Agreement with the regional council  to be finalised so we can get a shipment of gear. Also require permission from DoC to trap in the reserve. Be great to find out if this one has any mates still roaming the reserve.