Community pest control agreement signed with NRC

    On the 31st October we signed a Community Pest Control Agreement (CPCA) with the Northland Regional Council. This means over the next five years they'll supply us with a heap of good pest control gear - bless them. First year, 200 snap traps in tunnels, 50 possum traps and 80 stoat traps.

    cpca 600LtoR: Dean Wright, Mike Cadogen, Fleur Corbett, Mike Knight from NRC, Debby Bayens, Adrian Walker from DoC We're also about to sign a management agreement with DoC. That'll allow us to trap pests in Akeake Reserve and Rangtane Reserve and do some weeding of invasive baddies like Moth Plant, Jasmine and Ginger.

    As far as pests goes in Akeake, I bet there will be a few customers in there... We set a possum trap at the top of Pukewhau Rd and got three in four days.

    Some of this gear will also be used for pro trapper Mike Cadogan to trap stoats in the Rangitane Reserve.

    Download the agreement here

    OIO funding - $10,000 a year for five years...

    We've also been granted $10,000 a year for the next five years from overseas land buyers Andrea and Margaret Calantzopoulos through the Overseas Investment Office to go towards Kiwi conservation. Many thanks Andrea and Margaret!

    Some of this money will be used to pay Mike Cadogan for trapping in the Rangitane Reserve.

    KPPC's Fleur Corbett recently walked through the Rangitane Reserve with predator dog handler Ange Newport and her two dogs, Macka and Codie. The dogs picked up stoat scent there so its an important area to target.

    The funds are being administered for Kerikeri Peninsular Pest Control through Project Island Song.

    A huge shout out to Fleur Corbett, a founding member of KPPC who has been instrumental in getting us all started on this project. Fleur and her husband Denis have recently moved out to Anchorage Heights. Fleur came up our big picture vision and has organised all the OIO funding, our CPCA agreeement and our management aggreement with DoC. Fleur has recently started back work at DoC fulltime as Predator Free 2050 Regional Ranger for Northland.