Video vault

    Here's a selection of trailcam and other vids of wildlife on the peninsula...

    A short vid on the work of the Trust made courtesy of NRC as part of our Environmental Action in Pest Control Award at the 2022 Whakamānawa ā Taiao Environmental Awards

    A powerful TED talk

    Thirsty kiwi drinking out of Steve and Julie May's trough, Opito Bay. always make sure there are stones in the bottom of your troughs so if kiwi get in, they can climb out again!

    Two kiwi drinking from our birdbath, Opito Bay

    Two kiwi fighting outside our bedroom window, Opito Bay

    Kiwi suffering dehydration released back into Akeake Reserve, Opito Bay

    Possum cracking the SA2 Trap code - eat the bait out of the back!

     Male kiwi in full cry right in front of the trailcam in Opito Bay

     Male, female and bubba kiwi Opito Bay