Results of 5 min bird counts at four locations within the Rangitane Reserve. 2019 was our third count, undertaken yearly in September. 

Key species are up over our baseline pre-trapping 2017 figures:

Fantail +150%
Tui + 40%
Warbler +17%

We have a network of 80 traps in the reserve and in 18 months have removed 444 pests. Huge thanks to Mike Cadogan and Chris Owen for looking after lines in there.

The pest control has also been benefiting the myna population unfortunately! Their numbers in this count are up 700% over 2017.  This was in contrast to Akeake Reserve where their numbers fell by 80%. While our trappers have taken out 600+ mynas these have been closer to Akeake Reserve than Rangitane.

Overall bird numbers seen and heard have increased 155%.  When you take the mynas out of the equation the overall increase is 117% 

We heard a fernbird for the first time this year. We've also seen a tomtit / miromiro in the Reserve for the first time some months back. Things are looking up :)

rangi speies counts



rangi seen heard

rangi species