Rangitane Reserve Pest Monitoring


    Rangitane Reserve pest monitoring Feb 2018Dec 2022
    Wax tag possums (20 tags) 3 (15%)
    Wax tags rodents (20 tags)  5 (25%)  3 (15%)
    Tracking cards and tunnels - rats    0
    Tracking cards and tunnels - mice   0

    We began trapping Rangitane Reserve in February 2018, we've removed 1,335 pests since then.

    Wax tag monitoring was carried out prior to commencing trapping in 2018, from 20 tags, 3 were chewed by possums (15%) and five from rats (25%).

    In 2022 we set up a line of 10 tracking tunnels at 50m intervals for monitoring rodents.  The pre inked cards were baited with peanut butter and inserted into the tunnel. These were left out for 24 hours. No rats or mice were detected. A line of 20 wax tags were left out for a week they returned no possum and 3 rats (15%).

    20180201 DHW6120

    tracking tunnel